Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Hacksaw Ridge

I will admit it, I used to love Mel Gibson, both as actor and director. I mean, Mad Max. As for Braveheart, even though I see the nasty streak it carries, I still think it's a classic. But clearly, not everything (or, in this case, everybody) ages like good wine, and Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge is a fine example.
Story wise, this WW2 war movie is based on the authentic tale of an American pacifist who still wanted to join the war effort despite his religious based inclinations of no harm; his solution was to serve as medic. And good on him, he was obviously a hero through and through IRL. The problem is not the character or its story, the problem is Gibson.
Director Gibson will not skip an opportunity to shove us his views on religion, and by extension sex. Gibson is not shy in portraying the Japanese as nothing more than a prop that's there to serve for nothing but die at American hands (often literally). And Gibson likes his blood.
If you seek yourself some right wing religious propaganda that is lacking any shred of subtlety, look no further than Hacksaw Ridge.
Overall: 2 out of 5 crabs.

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