Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Nice Guys

Well, here is another review whose subject is not going to receive half the attention it deserves. Better little than nothing, I say!
Do you recall a film called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? A witty, entertaining and occasionally thrilling take on the lie that is Hollywood, featuring some very good actors in very fine performances? Well, The Nice Guys is a close relative of Kiss Kiss'. In face, it is the product of Shane Black, the director of Kiss Kiss; and not only is it a relative in the maker department, it is also a relative in the subject matter department (Hollywood/lies).
This time, the funny and witty plot follows a muscle for hire with an extended sense of morality (Russell Crowe) and the private dick he was sent to warn off, the hard way, as they collaborate to find out what happened to this girl that disappeared. The seventies plot thickens amidst murders, corruption, sex, drugs and a great music soundtrack of the era. The result is similar to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang's: entertainment, yes, but one which paints a corrupt picture of LA, Hollywood and the quintessential American (as represented through quintessentially American car companies).
Behind the political statement lies one concerning art: The Nice Guys argues for the importance of movies to society. Yes, our movies can be shit (as the movie inside the movie demonstrates), but they can tell the real story, too.
Overall: Witty^2 and fully deserving 4.5 out of 5 crabs.

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