Monday, 2 May 2016

The Dressmaker

Lowdown: A woman bearing vengeance returns to the small Aussie town she left as a child.
The first time I watched First Blood I was quite impressed. Of course, at the time I was unaware that movie would usher a series of garbage sequels for its lead character, Rambo. It was just a good story turned into a groundbreaking action movie: the hero returns home to only to find himself surprisingly regarded as a villain; the locals trying to "take care" of said hero"; the hero fights back to show the locals where fish pee out of.
If you're asking me (and if you're reading this you are - thanks!), The Dressmaker is not that different a movie. The core differences are in the hero's sex - The Dressmaker is a woman, thank you very much [for another great opportunity to watch a movie whose lead is a female]; the weapons of choice are less violent, to do with dress making (a much welcome change to the Stallone way of life); and the setting is Australian through and through (a much welcome change to the same-same industrial crop coming out of Hollywood), featuring a lot of big name Aussie actors to boot.
Our hero[ine] (Kate Winslet), a professional dressmaker who studied and worked with Paris' best, comes back to the now post WW2 middle of nowhere town she grew up in. The town holds a secret; that secret has something to do with our pro dressmaker; for reasons that are probably to do with something that happened before said dressmaker left town, everybody holds a grudge against her. With the notable exception of the male interest character (Liam Hemsworth, who further emphasises the movie's girl power factor by offering a much younger counterpart to our lead).
So what's the story, morning glory? What's going on in this town? Stay tuned and watch as some unexpected twists come our way while The Dressmaker takes care of business and learns a thing or two about herself in the process, the tailor's way.
Overall: A fine comedy/drama whose main attractions are the trend defying strong female lead and its witty plot that leaves viewers with something to ponder. Me, I liked it 3 out of 5 crabs much; but I can clearly see how the more astute and less First Blood inclined viewer would appreciate the finer qualities of this movie much more that I did.

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