Thursday, 19 May 2016


Lowdown: The story of a mother and her child, whose entire life was spent enclosed in a small room.
Room felt weird right from the start. We witness a mother and her four year old child whose entire lives are lived in the tight confines of a small room. Yep, it's an all in one toilet/bathroom/kitchen/bedroom//living room. Contact with the outside world is limited to short interactions with a man bringing him supplies and staying over on the night.
We're not told why that is the case. Clearly, Room feels like some existential wank affair of a movie.
It is not. If you let Room tell you its story you will be in for a treat, at least as far as movie appreciation is concerned. For a start, Brie Larson offers a great performance as the mother (while seeming to reveal herself to us under what seems to be makeup-less, fairly non flattering environments - not your typical Hollywood glamour).
I will go no further; the whole point of watching Room is learning what it is all about. I will simply sum it up as an optimistic yet realistic view of the human spirit when push comes to shove.
Overall: Unique in more than just taking its time to explain itself, Room is well worth viewing. 4 out of 5 crabs.

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