Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Daddy's Home

Lowdown: A stepfather has to contend with the original father's comeback.
Let us make something clear: Daddy's Home is your classic Will Ferrell silly comedy, period. However, and an important however this is, there is more to this movie than that, or even than the constant plugs for Ford Flex car (about which existence I was very comfortably unaware till this move came along).
The story is as simple and as exaggerated as the sub genre suggests. Ferrell is happily married to a lovely wife, and together they're parenting two kids. However, he's not their biological father, and they definitely do not regard him as their father. Further, he cannot give his wife children of his own being that he's actually impotent (due to a dental accident, of course), so those step kids are the only kids in his life. And yes, he makes a hell of an effort to be a good daddy despite all the shit he has to take.
He's actually making headway when disaster happens. The real father (Mark Wahlberg) decides to come back home, and although he's not straight about it his goal of reclamation is dead obvious. Our loving daddy does his best to compete, but again and again he is outdone by muscle and sex appeal. What can he do to win his family back?
So yeah, silly comedy follows. And it is funny, in that Ferrell vulgar and non PC way. Sometimes very funny. The catch, in my opinion, is that the themes here are not hypothetical; I know many families made of collections of genes with way less than 50% of shared codes. The way things are going, this kind of a family is going to take the majority soon. I have no problem with that whatsoever; the happiness of the members is what really matters. It is therefore nice, and important, to see recognition for this reality coming from such a conservative establishment as Hollywood. That is the main achievement of Daddy's Home.
Overall: A nice comedy that deals with important things (as well as weird Ford models). 3 out of 5 step crabs.

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