Sunday, 31 January 2016


Remember that Judd Apatow movie about a man that cannot seem to grow up and how he finally matures? That film we've seen several times already, the one that goes by slightly different name each time? Well, if you've seen that film then you've seen Trainwreck, too. The only difference, and an important difference it is, is that the man in the centre of Trainwreck is a woman (Amy Schumer, to be precise). A fresh breeze is blowing through Hollywood!
What else is there to say about this very non PC comedy? That it stretches for too long. That it was far from making me genuinely laugh. And that it features some famous celebs, like LeBron James doing a proper acting job that fails to shame.
The best scene, however, is owned by a Daniel Radcliffe walking a dog in an artistic black & white film the Trainwreck heroine watches at the cinema. And the best moments are owned by Tilde Swinton playing our hero's evil [British, of course] boss.
Overall: Meh comedy with a couple of things going for it that still do not make the whole experience worthwhile. I know I'm hard on Trainwreck, but I can really only afford it 2 out of 5 crabs.

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