Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Lowdown: When all the proper spies are out, the unlikely, however farfetched, will step in to replace them.
The James Bond movies have turned into a genre of their own, involving international roaming, over the top action scenes and various misogynist activities. Clearly, a genre waiting to be preyed upon, with Spy coming in for the kill.
Susan (Melissa McCarthy, around whose presence the whole movie has been constructed) is a spy operator. From her CIA basement she guides the real spy (sexy Jude Law) as he goes about being all James Bond. Alas, that spy – acting like the James Bond that he is – dies in the thick of the action. And when no one else can defend the world from the evil portrayed by Rose Byrne, Susan has to do it. And do it well, the way she always could had people not discounted her due to her sex and excess kilos.
So yeah, between McCarthy and Byrne, we have ourselves a worthy answer to James Bond. Throw into the equation Jason Statham playing a guy who thinks himself the world’s most capable spy (but really is useless and a danger to himself), and you get the point.
The point being Spy taking the piss over James Bond and doing it better than most Bonds. [But yeah, it is good to see Statham abandon his usual super-macho persona and assume a more casual position.]
Overall: Clever in its own way, funny and entertaining. 3.5 out of 5 crabs.

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