Friday, 30 October 2015


One of the issues with modern day cinema, particularly Hollywood, is its reliance on special effects at the price of forgetting the basics. Basics such as having a script.
Tomorrowland is a good example. Yet another movie about a Disney attraction (here’s looking at you, Pirates of the Caribbean), Tomorrowland features top notch special effects and some amazing sci-fi ideas in its background. Like, swimming pools suspended in mid air. However, those cannot compensate for a plot that makes no sense, top acting talent that’s just wasted, and an overall confusing script that takes way too long to say what it wants to say and then climaxes into the childish.
Plot wise, we follow two characters (George Clooney and the much too young to co-star next to him Britt Roberson) who catch a glimpse of a futuristic ideal world residing in some alternate universe but then discover, the hard way, that this world is in danger. Can they save this world, starting as they are in our world? Ask a stupid question; it’s a Disney film, mate.
Failures come hard and fast. We learn Clooney’s character has been deported from Tomorrowland but never really know why. We stumble upon contradictions, like our characters fusing a bomb only to immediately do their best to prevent it from exploding. I would say “go figure”, not only with regards to these two issues but concerning the film entire.
Weeks later, my main recollections of Tomorrowland are to do with its Disney and Coke shameless product placements.
Overall: Lost and confused in its visuals. 2 out of 5 crabs.

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