Tuesday, 18 August 2015


A rather sleazy character finds itself, literally by accident, an ingenious way to make a living. By roaming the streets of Los Angeles, filming live violence as it happens and then selling it to a local TV channel, Lou (Jake Gyllenhaal) can stop stealing copper for a living and make a lot of money instead.
It's not just the money, though. Lou earns influence. And with the power comes the realisation that he can have even more of it by manipulating the events he's filming. A person with no morale inhibitions, a person such as Lou, can go up places this way.
Of course, the personal story of Lou and his adventures in the world of newscasting is meant to serve us as food for thought. Why is it that we like to see blood on TV; why is it that we care more about certain affluent blood rather than the suffering of poorer demographics; and how easily we can all be manipulated.
Noble thoughts, no doubt about it. But with a hero character that is so hard to identify with, Nightcrawler can only manage 3 out of 5 crabs.

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