Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Girl on a Bicycle

Lowdown: A guy reconsiders his existing relationship after bumping into a glamorous bicycle rider.
Paolo (Vincenzo Amato) is an Italian working in Paris as a tour bus guide. He's engaged to the German flight attendant Greta (Nora Tschirner), and after a couple of years their successful relationship is clearly due for a wedding. Or is it?
While driving around on his bus, Paolo repeatedly bumps into a French bicycle rider (Louise Monot) and falls for her. Or at least a fantasy of her. Enough to make him reconsider his relationship with Greta. With the advice of his close British male friend (Paddy Considine), he decides to explore this new avenue. The result? A romantic comedy.
There is much to praise in Girl on a Bicycle. It is a truly European show, with everybody speaking their own language when able (but reverting to English when crossing borders). The key observation the film features, the one that says "there is always going to be a girl on a bicycle", is one of those statements of universal truth that virtually all of us will benefit from paying attention to. And yes, as per European standards, there redundant nudity about.
Alas, this European production suffers from all of the illnesses of your typical Hollywood romantic comedy and then some. It is predictable, silly, and fails to make sense on more than one occasion. Probably the worst part of it is that all the tension could have easily been dismantled with a bit of communication. Maybe Girl on the Bicycle is a metaphor for the breakout of World War 1?
Chauvinism plays a big part in this movie. When Amato (born in 1966) is paired with Tschirner (born in 1981) and Monot (born in 1981), the result stinks.
Overall: Girl on a Bicycle has a good idea at its core but fails in the execution department. 2 out of 5 crabs.

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