Saturday, 7 March 2015

Big Hero 6

Lowdown: A young nanotech expert develops a band of technological superheroes as he deals with personal tragedy.
When is a Pixar movie not a Pixar movie? When the Pixar movie is a Disney movie based on a Marvel comic. Because despite being a Disney release, Big Hero 6 looks and feels as if it has a Pixar heart underneath. And a fairly big one at that, even if its beats are very much Incredibles like.
Set in the near future, at the city of San Francetokyo (yep, it’s a mix of the two), we follow a teen called Hiro. Hiro is a very smart teen, yet he doesn’t know or doesn’t want to make use of his smarts. His almost as smart older brother and fellow orphan takes him to show off the research lab where he and his mates work on all sorts of technological wonders. Hiro gets hooked, and also gets to know the medical assistant robot balloon his brother is working on (the robot balloon made famous by the Big Hero 6’s promo posters).
Hiro decides his future belongs in that lab and makes a true effort to apply through his revolutionary nanotechnology invention. He gets the post after winning the entry competition, but at that point the venue goes on fire taking down Hiro’s most important things with it. But wait: not only does Hiro have to deal with the loss, he also has to deal with a new super villain that seems to have come out of nowhere and also seems to be using Hiro’s own invention. Can Hiro rise to the occasion? Perhaps with a little help from his friends he can. But come on, this is a Disney movie, rising to the occasion is as mandatory as the sun rising in the east.
Big Hero 6 offers excellent entertainment. There is nothing in it we haven’t seen before, perhaps with the exception of big balloon like robots, but it doesn’t matter. The mix of themes, involving friendship, struggle, love and loss are very well served together with the overall Pixar like type of computer animated ingenuity that tends to give its movies that extra kick.
Overall: Big entertainment for the whole family deserves a very solid 3, if not more, out of 5 Pixary crabs.

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