Thursday, 19 September 2013

Movie 43

Lowdown: A collection of vulgar comedy skits.
We were after a short movie when we chose to spend a weekend night with Movie 43. We got what we expected for about an hour and a half; we were, however, taken by total surprise with the non PC vulgar nature of what we got. And no, I’m not complaining; not at all.
Essentially, Movie 43 is a collection of short comedy skits, apparently directed by separate directors and featuring some big time names. And I mean it when I say big time names: you get Seth MacFarlane, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Richard Gere, Justin Long, Uma Thurman, and many – many! – more. Given the nature of the affair they all appear for short periods, which I have found to be rather distracting: half the time I was like “ooh, isn’t that face familiar?”, rushing to my iPad to check who that person is and where I remember them from.
It’s interesting to note the various skits are connected through a “cover story” running throughout the film. That cover story itself doesn’t matter much; it’s too silly. The interesting aspect is that it seems Movie 43 was distributed with different cover stories in different countries. Why they would choose to do that is beyond me.
So what are the skits like? Perhaps it is best to offer some examples. Otherwise, you won’t believe me when I say “crazy”. Well, we have Winslet and Jackman go on a blind date, during which Winslet – but only Winslet – notices Jackman’s balls are hanging off his throat. Next we have parents Watts & Schreiber deciding to teach their teenage son about life’s disappointments themselves instead of him learning it the hard way; so mother Watts hits on him and then dumps him (and much more). And we have a Richard Gere in the role of a Steve Jobs like CEO who is required to handle an iPhone 4 antennagate like crisis. You see, the company’s music player, shaped and sized like a naked woman, has a problem: for some odd reason, people are trying to fuck; however, when they do so, their members get chopped off by "the music player" cooling fan, located exactly where you think it is located. The company is therefore in dire need to teach its customers not to fuck with its products.
As I said, it’s vulgar and it’s non PC. If that matters to you then so be it; me, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it thoroughly, mostly because I am unused to seeing such stuff coming off the an otherwise stupidly conservative Hollywood. I can see Naomi Watts doing crazy stuff from time to time; but Richard Gere? And goody two-shoes Jackman?
Overall: Yeah, it’s silly as hell. But if you’re after a fresh comedy, Movie 43 should do. 3 out of 5 stars.

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