Sunday, 17 March 2013

250 Speed Dating Questions by Connor Champion

Lowdown: A short collection of potential questions to ask at a speed date.
I will start by answering the inevitable question – why? As in, why should I spend my time reading a book[let] entitled 250 Speed Dating Questions? Well, here’s why:
  1. It was free (at the time).
  2. It is short, more like an essay. Not much time is wasted here.
  3. At the time I have made a career out of blind dating and I have my firm opinions on the matter.
  4. I have never tried speed dating, though, perhaps because it didn’t exist at my time. Knowing people that ended up marrying following speed dates, you can say I was curious.
  5. For the lolz, of course!
There isn’t much I can say about this “book”. It starts with an introduction to speed dating and the way the whole mechanism of the event works. What follows then is a list of 250 questions that one may ask in order to capture some quick insight about someone else. Those questions are classified under four categories and there is some overlap and repetition, but overall the questions are not exactly ground breaking in nature. It’s things like what books you like to read and what was the last book you read (hopefully not 250 Speed Dating Questions by Connor Champion!).
In my opinion, the benefit of this bool[let] is not with the questions themselves; any moron can come up with such questions as per their own style and preferences. The point is in arriving at the date prepared with a set of questions to ask. That is, coming in knowing what you are after. It may surprise people to know that knowing what you’re after helps a lot in getting what you’re after!
Now for the lolz. There are plenty to be had, if that’s what you’re after. Most of the time I spent with this book[let] was not spent reading it but rather thinking up my answers (how do I tell someone the last book I read was called “250 Speed Dating Questions”?). And if you already have that special someone you can role play and try to think what their answer would be. There’s good party game potential to be had here, even if – again – it doesn’t take much of a rocket scientist to come up with these questions.
I can’t really recommend one spends money on this booklet. On the other hand, if it is relevant to you then this booklet might help you focus; but still, if you need a booklet like this to focus then perhaps you’re not ready for speed dating yet.
I’ll leave it for you to decide. Me, I’m giving this one a neutral 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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