Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Watch

Lowdown: A bunch of disturbed guys organize to form a neighbourhood watch in response to a murder at their Costco.
Ben Stiller, I love him; but the main reason for me wanting to watch The Watch? Richard Ayoade, the guy who gave us the immortal character of Moss in The IT Crowd. I was truly looking forward to seeing him in a big screen comedy role.
Were you to have a look at the two other big names in The Watch’s cast, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill, you should be able to figure out the essence of this movie. Yes, it is another improv like crazy comedy without much in the way of substance and where the stars seem as if they were able to let loose. Whether you actually find the result funny is another thing.
We start things with Evan (Stiller), a happily married and childless dude who got to the prestigious position of a Costco branch manager through hard work and persistence. Alas, a mysterious murder takes place at the shop, and our considerate manager would not take police incompetence lying down – he’s establishing a neighbourhood watch brotherhood! Only a few guys are interested, and they all do so because of personal issues. Bob (Vaughn) has a teenage daughter to deal with; Franklin (Hill) wants to kill someone but the police wouldn’t recruit him. And Jamarcus (Ayoade)? He’s English. Not that Evan is immune to issues: he’s sterile, but he’s afraid of telling his wife and ruining her plans to have children.
Together, these men unite to fight crime and injustice. Maybe, if they could throw their differences aside and focus on the alien invasion at hand.
There is not much substance at hand here. The Watch is simply a platform for its starts to shine their light, wasting the chance to make a proper statement on matters such as relationship transparency and the status of contemporary masculinity. If you like the type of jokes The Watch’s stars are famous for, political incorrectness and all, you will like this movie; otherwise it will be a bit more than an hour and a half of non serious entertainment.
Best scene: Jamarcus’ fantasy comes to life at a neighborhood orgy.
Overall: An easy watch film whose main contribution to my consciousness was in making me ponder the virtues of Costco. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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