Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Hangover Part II

Lowdown: Same hangover, this time in Bangkok.
Two years ago we had the crazily funny The Hangover; a sequel in the shape of The Hangover Part II could not have come any faster. As sequels go, this one brings the art of sequeling to such a level of perfection it can be summarized in very concise manner-
1. The Hangover Part II is a virtually exact replica of the original,
2. Set in Bangkok instead of Las Vegas, and
3. Totally devoid of any funny moments.
Do the math yourself: 1+2+3 = a very uninspiring movie that even a Mike Tyson cameo cannot cure (but the obvious inclusion of Bangkok’s iconic shemales definitely takes deeply into the realm of the cliche). That, sadly, is all I have to say about The Hangover Part II, a film whose commercial success qualifies as sad testimony to human civilization: we say we love originality, but we flock to see the sequel no matter how bad.
Best scene: The only scene that was mildly entertaining was the car chase through the streets of Bangkok.
Overall: It is rare for me to watch a film that declares itself to be a comedy but turns out to deliver such a dreary experience I find myself forced to check the time and hope it would be over soon. The Hangover Part II was such a film, a sequel so beset on repeating its former’s success to the letter it totally fails to get anywhere and do anything. Like, say, entertain. 1 out of 5 stars.

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