Friday, 26 February 2010


Lowdown: A depressed housewife deals with the seemingly imminent loss of her husband.
As our personal Sandra Bullock festival continues, I seem to have received a retrospective answer to the issue I have raised after watching The Proposal: At the time I said that it’s about time Bullock moved away from the typical romantic comedy role that had characterized her career for better and for worse. Well, it seemed like she heard me, because in 2007 she took part in a drama called Premonition; and given the way Premonition goes, I can’t blame her for going back to the green pastures of silly rom com.
As Premonition starts, we quickly learn a few things about Bullock character’s life. She got married to a loving husband, they live in a huge suburban house, they have two kids. Your typical American Dream story, in short. Next she receives a knock on the door and the police tells her that her husband has died in an accident. Then she wakes up the next morning and her husband is beside her, alive and well.
The rest of the film tries to go about providing a solution to this contradiction: is the husband alive or is he dead? As it goes about we learn a few more things about Bullock’s life, like her being a disillusioned housewife and her having not much of a life; her relationship with her husband wasn't going too great, either.
As we wait for a satisfying solution to this drama we have to endure a tiring and incredibly self contradicting set of mystical explanations and events, rendering Premonition the equivalent of a medieval torture. Essentially, Premonition is like a M. Night Shyamalan formula film that’s done even worse than usual. Spare yourselves and avoid it at all expense.
Worst scene:
In an attempt to find what’s going on, Bullock visits her local priest. The guy comes up with books quoting similar events, no doubt in order to render an aroma of authenticity to his upcoming words. He then he sits by Bullock’s side and tells her problems such as hers are a result of losing one’s faith. The faithless, he goes to say, are like doomed empty vessels.
Got it? Premonition is just another film where those who hold faith in that which can never be proven try to find some sort of a justification for their belief. Try very unsuccessfully, I have to add; if this is what theists/fatalists can come up with then they are stupidly desperate.
Overall: Dear Sandra, you would have been better off doing Miss Congeniality 37 than this Premonition crap. 1 out of 5 stars.

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