Sunday, 24 January 2010

Land of the Lost

Lowdown: Will Ferrell lost in a land of dinosaurs and aliens.
With the exception of Stranger Than Fiction, a typical Will Ferrell film is mostly crazy. Usually the result is good crazy, as in crazy enough to create some original comedy that can actually make you laugh (e.g., Semi-Pro). However, with virtually all Will Ferrell films, you always notice how close the films are to crossing that thin line where the good crazy becomes just the bad crazy. That is, when the film becomes crazy for the sake of being crazy. Land of the Lost turns out to be a case where this line has been crossed.
Land of the Lost makes a scientist out of Ferrell. Ferrell has thought of a way for us to go into parallel universes and as a result of publishing his idea he gets to become the mockery of the scientific world as well as YouTube. A fellow English scientist (Anna Friel) does believe in him, and convinces him to try and activate his machine at a venue where it's likely to work the most - a stupid entertainment ride run by a stupid person (Danny McBride, famous for being the owner of the killer Daewoo Lanos in Pineapple Express). Together the treo venture into a parallel universe featuring a Friel with some very short pants, dinosaurs, primates that can talk, and some aliens. They mingle with a T-Rex and save the world from an evil plot, amongst others, but mostly they are busy being stupid, doing stupid things, and uttering stupid lines (a lot of which are probably improvisations).
Other than repeat the fact I have found Land of the Lost to be stupid and meaningless I can only add that I didn't find it funny either. Sure, I smiled here and there; but mostly I was busy thinking to myself that this is just too stupid to be true. I just couldn't get into this film.
Best scene: One of the only scenes that genuinely made me laugh features Ferrell getting stung by dinosaur insect mosquitos that suck quite a lot of his blood without him noticing.
Worst scene: Ferrell, eaten by a T-Rex, is saved by being pooed out. That's the prevailing type of humor in Land of the Lost.
Technical assessment: A nice Blu-ray, if uninspiring. The picture is quite colorful, probably too colorful to be true, but almost certainly intentionally over colorful.
Overall: Land of the Lost is not good enough to deserve 2 stars out of 5 but it's not bad enough to deserve 1.5 stars.

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