Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Chicken Little

Lowdown: Exactly what Disney's marketing department prescribed.
Don't ask me why I wanted to watch Chicken Little but I did, after recording it off channel 7. In retrospect it seems a rather masochistic act, as Chicken Little is just one more member of that now way too common kids' computer animation film genre where all the films are virtually the same. To the best of my knowledge, Chicken Little is a Disney production meant to be displayed in 3D; obviously, when viewed off the air there is no 3D effect, so it's a pity Disney didn't make this one into a film worth watching in 2D.
The story follows Chicken Little and a bunch of his cliche nerdy friends (an ugly duckling, a fat pig) who live in a small American town where everyone's an animal and no humans are in sight. As the film starts, Little sees the sky falling and calls the alarm, creating huge mayhem; when, eventually, his fellow animals discover the reason for him calling the alarm Little becomes laughing stock and no one believes anything he says anymore, not even his father. No one has faith in Little even in sports, as he plays baseball together with the cool kids in class, and no one believes in him when the sky suddenly does begin to fall. Do, however, expect a happy end.
The main problem with Chicken Little is that it sticks so close to the template it has absolutely nothing new to deliver. We have the nerds element, the father-son breakdown element, and the aliens that help bring glory back to where it belongs. And we also have loads of not so funny jokes.
Originality? Nah, we have colors and music and pop references to compensate for that. Hey, our one year old liked the rather frantic color patterns and the animation, so Disney must be on to something here... They do say, though, that once upon a time Disney was able to create some real animation classics. Unbelievable.
At least Chicken Little is short.
Worst scene: In the midst of the alien attack with all the ensuing chaos, everything can be put on hold so the father and the son can finally make peace with one another. How credible. How corny.
Overall: Kids will probably like it, but then again they should be taught better. 2 out of 5 stars.

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