Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Bee Movie

Lowdown: A milder Seinfeld.
You can say a lot of bad things about my friend Haim; I certainly do. As bad as he is, though, he does have some mighty achievements up his sleeve, and one of them was to do with convincing me to stop working on our joint physics lab report during a Saturday night and have a break to watch this new TV series, then quite unheard of, called Seinfeld. Needless to say, I got hooked; in my humble opinion Seinfeld is and has been the best TV comedy ever, even if the later seasons weren't as good as its mid years.
Well, some ten years have past since the curtain was pulled on Seinfeld the TV series and since then we haven't heard much from Seinfeld the person. Unless, of course, you count those horrible recent Windows Vista ads that even Microsoft decided to best leave archived. Before doing those, however, Seinfeld put his hand in Shrek style computer animation to produce Bee Movie.
In Bee Movie, Seinfeld returns as a rather unassuming bee that tells a kids' story with the same old morals all kids' animation films seem to be telling nowadays: a mix of an environmental story with good old values of friendship etc. Oh, and guess what? The hero is a bee who doesn't feel like doing the stuff expected of a bee; the concept must have never been tried before in an animation film!
How can I best put it? You don't watch Bee Movie for to nourish the intellect, you watch it because of the Seinfeld jokes. And the good thing about a film dealing with talking bees and providing an imaginative vision of bee society (it all seems a lot like a cliche Jewish family to me) and their quest to have their hard work recognized by the humans who exploit them is that it provides a wide palette of Seinfeld (the series) type jokes. It's funny, because less than a week after watching Bee Movie I can't really remember any of the jokes, but I do remember watching the film with a constant smile on my face and the occasional laugh. It's somewhat subdued, given that this is a kids' film; it doesn't have a George Costanza to spice things up; but the key thing is that this is unmistakably Seinfeld in contents and in voice (including voice shenanigans). The key thing is that it's funny.
Bee Movie has received bad criticism upon its release and perhaps this is why I didn't expect much of it and why it managed to surprise me (as in a good surprise). I liked it; it wasn't as good as Seinfeld at its peak, but it was good unassuming fun.
Best scenes: The imaginative settings of the beehive factory, with orderly workers going to work in all sort of weird yet bee world jobs. Not as imaginative as Monsters Inc, but good fun just the same.
Sound quality: Some of the scenes, in particular the bee organized formation flight scenes, sport top quality sound. The rest is too ordinary.
Overall: I was surprised at how delightful Bee Movie is. A far cry from a B movie, I rate it at 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Anonymous said...

I love this movie..this was an incredible movie and fun to watch great lessons learned about how humans and bees protecting the environment for their survival and for the beauty of the environment..this was also a funny movie...better to grab a deep discount dvd copy of this movie for the kids...

Moshe Reuveni said...

Nice plug. It almost sounded like you genuinely liked the film.
I'm wondering how you can call charging $27 for the cheapest version of the Bee Movie DVD a "deep discount".