Friday, 28 March 2008

DVD: Blades of Glory

Lowdown: A team of two male ice skaters join hands and crotches to win the ice skating team title.
It's not often that you get a film that's based on a very simple idea, goes with it all the way, and comes through the other end able to say "mission accomplished". Blades of Glory, however, is one of those films. Sure, it's not the best or deepest films ever, but it manages to take its core idea and spread it across 90 or so entertaining minutes.
Blades of Glory features Will Ferrell in his natural habitat: extreme comedy acting, if one can call it acting to begin with. This time around he is an ex porn star that has turned into an ice skating champ and could have ruled the world if it wasn't for yet another ice skating champ with whom he has to share the spoils. The two take it personally and fight it out hard enough to get themselves banned from the sport altogether and become regular low lives.
A few years later they discover that they can still ice skate if they join a team as opposed to ice skating solo. The natural progression of the film is that the two enemies turn out to become allay team members that skate together in a male/male team, thus opening a very wide door to gay style jokes. When that subsides, we are left with a basic comedy about the good ice skaters (Ferrell and his now partner) who fight it out against a couple of evil ice skaters (who happen to be a male/female couple).
That's it for the film: Aside of this story, there's nothing more to it. It's basically a 90 minute long joke on having a couple of male ice skaters join hands as a team. Sure, there are tons of your average pop culture jokes, but they're more in the background given the main event; that is, if you want pop culture jokes you go and watch an episode of Family Guy, not a feature length film.
Best scene: Ferrell and the evil ice skater have themselves a chase scene that starts on ice and quickly moves in land, but the two are too dumb to realize they would go much faster on land if they take their skates off. Which, quite naturally, leads to some major silly scenes (silly yet funny).
Picture quality: OK.
Sound quality: Relative surround aggressiveness, but not of the high quality type.
Overall: So how long can you stretch a movie about nothing for? Blades seems to have balanced it well, yet I can't give a film that is so lacking in substance more than 2.5 out of 5 stars. Still, it's often quite funny.

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