Tuesday, 4 September 2007

DVD: You, Me and Dupree

Lowdown: Owen Wilson abandons Ben Stiller in favor of Matt Dillon.
The American comedy – that cheap and inoffensive way to pass the time when you’re tired or stressed. Nothing lets you pass the time without too much agony and without making your brain work too hard better than an American comedy. You, Me and Dupree is yet another classic representative of the genre.
The story is as simple as a story can be. A couple gets married – Kate Hudson (she looks familiar but I can’t say I remember her from anything else) and Matt Dillon (who obviously wasn’t able to ride on the success of his performance in Crash). This alone is rather unrealistic, as Hudson is portrayed to come from a mega rich family, yet she works as a teacher and marries a lowly employee in her father’s company.
As the couple gets married, the best man, Dupree (Owen Wilson) loses his job and ends up with no place to stay, so guess what – the Hudsons/Dillons host him in their place. Now Wilson/Dupree turns out to be the friend you never really wanted to have; you know the type, they’re usually called Haim. All sorts of calamities take place at the Hudson/Dillon house, starting from finding Wilson naked on the sofa and evolving towards a three way love affair, with Dillon’s father in law adding additional drama to the drama.
It’s all innocent fun, it’s mildly funny from time to time (as in you may smile occasionally), but it’s far from being sophisticated, it’s predictable, it’s corny, and as the film ends you realize you’ve spent almost two hours of your life on nothing. Which can be the right thing for you, from time to time, as long as you don’t expect much.
Best scene: Pretty close to the beginning of the film you see Michael Douglass for the first time, and immediately you wonder – what is he (as in, an actor that is associated with high quality stuff) doing in a film like this?
Other than that, the cameos from Lance Armstrong are nice.
Picture quality: Obviously, not much effort was made there. Colors are all over the place, some noise is about, and details are not as clear as they could be.
Sound quality: Obviously, not much effort was made there, either.
Overall: This is your average typical Hollywood production through and through, which is to say it’s average in every respect possible. That said, we knew what we were in for with this one, and it did make for a relaxing afternoon. 2 out of 5 stars.

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