Sunday, 25 March 2007

Watched without reviewing: Halfon Hill

For a film I've watched dozens of times before, the fact I haven't seen it for the last five years - ever since coming to Australia as a resident - felt pretty weird. Halfon Hill is the quintessential Israeli movie experience, discussing everything from different people's background to the uniting element of army service in what, at least to me, is an hilarious comedy.
The difference came with the recent acquisition of the DVD version that features English subtitles, which allowed Jo to watch the film with me. Now, given the number of times I have watched it before, I cannot review the film, but I will state the following observations gained through the perspective of watching it, for the first time, as an Australian:
1. Halfon Hill is not a film you can enjoy without being fully immersed in Israeli culture.
2. Halfon Hill is not a film you can enjoy through subtitles.
3. Watching Halfon Hill was perhaps the best evidence I could come up with to show that I only have one home, and that home is called Australia.

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