Thursday, 25 January 2007

DVD: Hoodwinked

Lowdown: Little Red Riding Hood done pop culture Rashomon style.
Hoodwinked is a film we actually wanted to see at the cinemas but missed out on. In retrospect, we were lucky.
The idea behind this yet another computer animation film seems quite good, on paper: it's the story of Little Red Riding Hood, with all the characters from that story (and a few friends). You got Red, Grandma, the wolf, and the hunter. They all convene together at grandma's house under suspicious circumstances, and the police is there to investigate what took place. Things are more than meets the eye as each of the characters tells their version of the truth...
Well, on paper things are more than meets the eye, but just on paper. Because once you get the feel of what this film stands for it's pretty easy to see into the film and predict who the real culprit is. Generally, aside of the Rashomon style element, the film is very predictable and very thin - as in, the entire setup and character driven actions are not that well conceived. It all supposed to be this very cynical, pop culture take on the familiar story, but it's all very boring instead.
Twice during the film I found myself smiling; the rest of the time I was plain bored. True laughter was totally absent: Pretty bad for a film that's supposed to be a light comedy take on things, I would say. In fact, the thing that managed to keep me awake is the notion that a film simply cannot be that bad and that boring for too long; somewhere along the line an improvement has to come, and I'd better be awake to be there when it happens. The problem is that my assumption was wrong and this improvement never really came along.
Best scene: A tough for such a bad film. I would say it would be the hunter's schnitzel song (don't ask; I assume it's some kind of a take on the Schwarzenegger accent).
Picture quality: Good, but there are some color inconsistencies.
Sound quality: A very good, intense, surround envelopment. All speakers get a bit of a workout with this one.
Overall: A sad and boring affair. Something between 0.5 to 1 stars, but it's best summed up as a film to avoid at all cost.


Wicked Little Critta said...

I saw this one after friends told us we HAD to see it, because it's so funny. I thought it was good...there were a couple of laugh out loud moments for me. But I didn't see it all that long ago, and I don't really have that much of an impression about it now that I think back. Most of it I forget, or look back on with indifference. I do remember liking a squirrel, though...anyway, I imagine that my poor memory doesn't translate to anything good about the film.

Moshe Reuveni said...

I concur: the squirrel is funny. That said, it is exactly the same joke as in Over the Hedge (and I mentioned that already as the best scene - Given the lack of originality I didn't bother crediting it. It did, however, help me think even less of Hoodwinked.