Sunday, 31 December 2006

Book: Odd One Out by Monica McInerney

Lowdown: A short modern day Australian Cinderella story.
Make no mistake about it - Odd One Out is a chick's flick. It's just that I got it for free with the purchase of other, more scientifically minded books, and being a short and seemingly interesting book I reckoned it would be good holiday material. And I was right.
The story follows a Sydney woman in her late twenties, born to a family of divorced artists yet different to the rest of her family members. She loses herself between all of her gifted yet selfish family members, until her Melbourne based brother challenges her to come down to Melbourne and take control of her life. The rest of the story follows this process as it goes through rather unconvincingly if you ask me; yet it's still entertaining.
In an atypical fashion to the way most of my books go, this one tells you all about the makeup and the dressing of each of the characters, yet it fails miserably in describing the way emails work and with some of Melbourne's geographical descriptions. Obviously, it was not written with me in mind.
The comparison between this book and Cinderella is so obvious it's even made in the book itself. It cannot be said that this book is truly original, and personally I find its "happy end" conclusion to be rather far fetched and more suitable to a princess than to a modern day Australian woman. This problem is made evident by the fact the book does touch on Australian nerves in its discussions, where it covers a lot of the negatives in the typical way modern day Australians go about; basically, the selfish quest for money and easy living while keeping being better than the Joneses in certain fashionable ways, and while not caring much about others or the environment.
But being a rather short book - 150 pages in quite a large font - you cannot really go wrong with this pretty entertaining and easy read.
Overall: 3 stars.

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