Monday, 30 October 2006

DVD: Transporter 2

Lowdown: The transporter drives the action to new heights of imagination stretching.
The Transporter, made a few years back, took me by surprise. It sort of developed a cult following by the time I got to see it, and once I did see it I immediately knew why: the car chase action of its rather long opening scene was simply breathtaking. Set in Niece, it was ridiculous, but magnificent at the same time. The rest of the film tried to follow suit and sort of managed to keep up, but that opening scene was the main event of the film.
Transporter 2 tries to follow suit. It tries, but it's far behind its predecessor. This time around our punctual commando driver is set for a piece of action in Miami, with European flare provided by a newly introduced character of a French friend. Alas, like all the characters in both the original and this one, he is just an undeveloped token character, put there to help drive the stupidly unbelievable plot along and generate a few laughs.
The film starts with Mr Transporter, Jason Statham working on a "drive the rich parents' kid to school" job, when suddenly - out of the blue - action comes along in the form of some exotic looking criminals plotting some ridiculous plot to kill all of the world's drug enforcement officials in one quick swoop. Little did they know how miserably they were going to fail once they started messing around with the Transporter!
Sooner rather than later the film deteriorates into a collection of fights scenes, mixing totally loony drive stunts, martial arts and Jackie Chan like comedy. It's all done pretty badly with no attempt what so ever to be reliable or faithful to any sense of sensibility; there is not even one second where you're truly worried about the Transporter's chances of getting out of the next challenge alive.
Action aside, you can watch the film and get yourself pretty entertained by trying to identify the various cases of product placement in the film. These seem to be as numerous as the number of villains who are just stupid enough to stand in the Transporter's goal, whatever that may be.
But it works: 80 minutes after the film starts the credits show up, and you're left there smiling.
Best scene: The Transporter gets rid of a bomb attached to the bottom of his car at the last second using some ridiculously unbelievable stunt driving. The scene pretty much epitomizes the spirit of the film.
Picture quality: You look at the DVD menus and you realize the studio just couldn't be bothered to make an effort with this one. This, however, is no excuse for the grotesquely bad picture this DVD exhibits. Colors are totally surrealistic, the picture is lacking in detail, noise is everywhere - this has to be one of the worst, if not the worst, DVD's I ever got to watch.
Sound quality: Noise attacks you on all fronts, but none of it sports a lot of detail and finesse. This is a rough one.
Overall: No way of hiding around the bush with this one, this is one truly bad film; something of the likes of a Steven Seagal flick. However, if you're in the mood for silly action, the film works - 3 stars.


Wicked Little Critta said...

Yikes...the bomb removal was over the top for me. I mean, don't get me wrong, I own this film and enjoy watching it, but that part as well as the female villain make me cringe a little. She was like a stick insect with bad make-up who, somewhere along the way, lost all of her clothes. I kept thinking, "why doesn't he just break her in half!?"

Moshe Reuveni said...

I agree. She was as sexy as my old shoe is smelling fresh (which I guess was the entire point of making a cool bitch villain character).