Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Film: Kops

Lowdown: What would you expect the police to do when there's no crime around?
This one is a weird film: It's a low budget Swedish film, which sort of tells you what to expect. Directed by Joseph Faris, who gave us Jalla! Jalla! a few years ago (dubbed "The Best Friend's Wedding" in certain countries), this indeed turns out to be a very similarly styled film featuring the same cast.
The plot idea is simple yet ingenious: A quiet police station in a regional area of Sweden is about to be shut after no crimes were committed for over ten years. Accidentally, the cops discover that the only way they can hold on to their world is by generating crime - simulating it the way footballers simulate dives. And as the idea becomes more and more successful, their simulations become more and more problematic.
There is not much more to the film other than stupid jokes and this overall stupid atmosphere that really works because the film feels authentic. It comes from the heart, rather than a Hollywood production line of teen movies, even if a lot of it is obvious and some of it requires a memory breakdown in order to accept the way the plot progresses. However, although it's not a film one should watch in seriousness, it is extremely effective as a therapeutic experience at the end of a tiring work day; if you don't expect too much of it and realize the genre it belongs to, the film delivers.
Best scene: The policemen conduct a news conference to discuss the closure of their station. One guy shows up to listen to their serious analysis of the situation.
Overall: 3.5 stars for originality and true spirit.

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