Sunday, 30 July 2006


When I first started writing stuff of my own for external publishing (via emails), the first stuff I got to write about was movie reviews and laserdisc reviews.
Laserdisc are now long gone, but my passion for reviewing is here to stay. Over the last year I've started my own personal blog (, which happened to include reviews from time to time; by now I think I can say that blog has been firmly established as a favorite part of my routine.
In here, however, the aim is to create a catalog of the films I've been watching in a more of a systematic way. I don't intend to limit the reviews to films alone; books and other stuff shall be reviewed, too. It's just that I watch much more than I read.
I am no master reviewer and I don't expect to be able to come up with enlightenment on every film that I review, but I will admit that I wouldn't mind at all if in the future I will be employed as one of Widescreen Review's professional reviewers or if in a few years time a new program airs: Siskel & Ebert & Reuveni (which films would get the three thumbs up?).
For now I will settle with just enjoying the process of reviewing and the insight one gains when one has to form up a written review; it is certainly different to just thinking about a film for a few seconds.
As a loyal Widescreen Review reader, I will include some information regarding picture and sound quality; that is where my roots as a reviewer lie. And for that extra bit of an edge, that thing that would make my reviews unique, I think I will start with an item called "best scene" in which I provide a short account of the most memorable scene in the film, or that scene for which you'd remember the film 10 years after.

I hope you'll enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.


Anthony said...

Can't believe you've kicked this off with an Adam Sandler movie! The only way is up!

Moshe Reuveni said...

Well, you're absoultely right. I meant to start with four films, but:
1. We had a plumbing event last night that made blogging a bit of a luxury.
2. I did mean for this one to be like a catalog of the films that I watched, and I couldn't help the fact Click was the last thing I watched...
I do believe that in order to appreciate the good you need to taste some of the bad, so as you said: the only way is up...

Anonymous said...

BTW, Siskel had been dead for a while, and I think Ebert had a health scare (heart? stroke?) recently as well. So I hope not to see S&E&R.

Moshe Reuveni said...

I know: it's now Ebert and Roeper.
But Siskel and Ebert used to be the ones that were "the ones" at the time in which things like "who is going to win the Osacars" and "what did this guy say about this film" mattered to me.
I was just trying to be idealistic. I know this blog won't get anywhere (although I probably will enjoy it).